About Us

IRSC offers one-stop, comprehensive roof consultation and project management services for repairs and replacements.

Vision Statement

We work in partnership with facility professionals to evaluate, consult, manage and protect commercial building roofs and building envelopes nationwide.

Mission Statement

Since 1999, we’ve provided schools, offices, hospitality, manufacturing, and retail property owners and managers with value-driven roof management services. Our services extend the natural life of commercial roofs as well as provides clients with a roadmap of maintenance tasks and budgets. We are roof and building envelope architects in that we provide best-of-industry solutions nationwide. We provide unbiased opinions that result in accountable asset management solutions. Our advantages include our compassionate and quick responses to client needs as well as our cutting-edge, licensed drone pilots. At IRSC it’s more than just a roof and building envelope, it’s what protects your business and your people.

Three-Tiered Approach



Since 1999, IRSC has been conducting surveys and evaluations, infrared moisture surveys, storm damage assessments, and water entry investigations. We’ve completed thousands of projects for hundreds of clients, nationwide. We offer quality-compliance observation and green roof solutions.

Due Diligence • Evaluations • Surveys • Design • Asset Management • Compliance



Most of IRSC’s business comes from add-on projects or additional locations with existing customers. Our repeat clients are our biggest advocates and we've seen our referral base grow by at least 10% every year.

Training Initiatives • Certifications • Best Practice Ethics • Integrated Teams & Personnel • Accountability



Our teams are fully trained and supported by IRSC. When you hire us, you hire expert consultants experienced in your vertical market, familiar with your geographical challenges, and dedicated to the long-term efficiency and viability of your organization.

Green/Cool Roofs • Tax/Energy Rebates • Budget Planning • Recycling/Reclamation • LEED

Our Services & Solutions

Survey & Evaluations

Thorough evaluations of your roofing system will identify flaws in roof integrity and compliance, and ensure you meet your industry’s requirements. A critical first step in any project/initiative, especially green/cool roofs.

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Project Management

IRSC's comprehensive project management services cover bid coordination, design, pre-project counsel, and post-project review.

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Infrared Moisture Surveys

We use the latest technology to detect latent moisture buildup in your roofing system and provide high resolution CAD diagrams with our analysis.

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Storm Damage Assessments

When hail, a tornado, a t-storm, or other weather events affects your roof or building envelope, IRSC will assess the affects and walk you through the next steps.

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Repair, Replacement & Design

Whether or not you've chosen your materials and installation partner, our technicians will ensure maximum return on your investment.

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Water Entry Investigations

IRSC’s certified inspectors, CAD specialists, and registered roof consultants are construction and warranty compliance experts.

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