Roof leak detection

Water Entry & Leak Investigation

Roof Leak Detection—Keeping Your Building Covered

Leaky Roofs Can Cost You More Than Just Money

Water damage, the leading cause of commercial property loss

(Source: NAIOP)

  • Leaks or water entry on your property don’t always mean it’s from your roof.
  • Leaks can come from: Roofs, walls, windows, skylights, door systems, and surrounding landscape.
  • Extreme problems can occur when even minor leaks are untreated.
  • Identifying the source can be extremely difficult and time consuming on your own.

IRSC is an independent third-party expert that identifies, understands, and resolves new and/or reoccurring leaks, which is crucial to the health of your building and the safety of your people.

Roof leak detection, tip of the iceberg.

Tip of the Iceberg and Below the Surface

When it comes to roof leak detection, there’s more than what meets the eye.

Reasons why you may be experiencing roof leaks

Roof Splits and Open Seams

Failing Pipes, Gas Lines, and Electrical Penetrations

Open Flashings

Misplaced Edge Metal

Roof Splits and Open Seams

Failing Pipes, Fas Lines, and Electrical Penetrations

Open Flashings

Misplaced Edge Metal

Hiring an Expert Matters

Get The Job Done Right With Our Proven Processes


• IRSC utilizes a spray rig and systematic water testing to accurately identify, isolate, and test water entry/leak source(s) affecting your commercial building.

• No matter the scale and complexity of your structure, IRSC’s experts can pinpoint any water entry issues precisely and effectively.


• Our team believes that understanding the root cause of water entry is crucial for providing effective solutions.

• We evaluate the surrounding area and take into account your buildings’ history and geographical location to identify and assess potential causes of leaks.


• IRSC develops tailored and innovative solutions that not only address your current problem(s) but also mitigate future leaks.

• We create a comprehensive report of findings and recommendations which may include permanent repairs, and/or partial or full replacement of your building envelope.


IRSC's professionals are detail-oriented and capable of delivering high quality solutions and results for their clients. Inherent value and customer service are second nature to IRSC, making them a valued business partner of mine.