Meet Your New Roof Inspector

IRSC utilizes drone technology to help our clients reduce costs and increase the accuracy of roof assessments. Drones decrease the amount of time needed to survey roofs and enclosures by almost 50%, thus allowing for faster, more informed decisions regarding roof and building envelope maintenance.


Water Damage And Heat Loss

Infrared cameras help you to quickly spot problematic area of your roofing system without the need for costly cranes or lifts.



When safety is an issue due to rooftop obstacles, dangerous roof pitches or weather conditions, drones can easily assess roof conditions with thermographic technology.

Drone Technology for Faster, More Accurate Roof Evaluations



Drone Case Study

A new facility manager for two commercial/industrial buildings needed to quickly understand the condition of the roof systems over their office and laboratory due to recurring roof leaks. The water entry was causing damage to the newly remodeled laboratory space and creating potentially hazardous conditions with the contents stored in the laboratory.

IRSC was hired to assess both buildings and discovered that it would be dangerous to the IRSC team members and create fall protection issues to manually survey the roofs due to several obstacles such as solar panels and green roof trays. IRSC utilized their drone with an infrared thermographic camera to survey both roofs in one evening session, reducing the amount of survey time by 50% if they had used a manual, hand-held infrared cameras. IRSC provided a quicker, more accurate, and easier to understand survey for the new facility manager to submit to the organization’s stakeholders.

Results: The new facility manager was able to use this information to present the roof conditions to decision makers and received the necessary funding to fix the roofs. Up until this point they didn't fully understand the severity of the roof's deteriorating conditions and were not able to resolve the recurring leaks.