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Storm Damage Assessments

When hail, tornado, t-storm, or other weather events impacts your roof, IRSC will assess the effects and walk you through the next steps.

Roof Storm Damage
Roof Storm Damage

We don’t need to tell too many American business owners about the many ways in which roof damage can jeopardize the contents of their buildings, but here’s one important thing to remember: If damage ever does occur due to some form of weather event, it is critical that it be assessed as soon as possible.

That’s so potential insurance adjustments can be quantified and the necessary repairs can take place before further damage occurs. Fortunately for companies, governments, school districts, and universities, IRSC responds to any tornado, t-storm, or hailstorm as soon as it’s safe to be up on your roof conducting our assessment.

You may not think you need
a new roof after a serious storm, but you won’t know for sure until someone takes a look. And since your roof system may be weakened and the surface may be slippery in this situation, we advise you not to climb up there by yourself, and instead call
a roofing professional to help.

IRSC’s consultants conduct thorough Storm Damage Assessments for any sized property:

  • HAAG Certified Storm Assessment Professional
  • Perform visual evaluations to rate the damage
  • Involve building envelope and construction specialists as needed
  • Conduct infrared moisture survey and wind-uplift testing as needed
  • Produce specs for repairs and consult insurance adjusters on costs
  • Provide detailed report of roof failure and water entry investigation
  • Roof Consultants Institute (RCI)