Survey & Evaluations

All your roofing and building envelope consulting needs, under one roof.

Thorough evaluations of your roofing system will identify flaws in roof integrity and compliance, and ensure you meet your industry’s requirements.


The first step in any roof/building envelope repair or replacement project is a thorough visual survey to establish the existing conditions and identify problem areas and their causes. If the roof does not need to be completely replaced, the evaluation report will recommend the steps you can take to potentially extend the useful life of your roof.

The visual inspection should be performed before any repair or replacement costs are incurred. Then, after one of our certified consultants performs a thorough evaluation, a report will be generated providing analysis of the roof field, perimeter construction, rooftop equipment and penetrations, drainage, associated masonry, and flashings.

Since IRSC is a 100% independent, third-party consultant, we provide unbiased opinions and make recommendations that are friendly to our clients’ roofing repair & replacement budgets.

IRSC’s Survey & Evaluations service includes a comprehensive visual evaluation and thorough documentation:

  • Detailed CAD illustration of your entire roofing system
  • Clear photographic evidence of problem areas
  • Forecasts of your roof’s future performance
  • Replacement/repair budget projections
  • Full report on our findings
  • Roof Consultants Institute (RCI)