Water Entry Investigations

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Our water leak experts take a systematic approach to investigating, testing, and accurately locating potential leak sources -- prior to implementing repairs.


Recurring leaks and areas of water entry often become frustrating; with multiple repair attempts that do not produce the desired results….to stop the leak. IRSC takes a different approach to solving these recurring issues. By utilizing a spray rig and systematic water testing, we identify the water entry source first, then implement the repair strategy. This type of testing isolates the test area and controls the water, to accurately identify the water entry source. If the source of the water entry is not first identified, numerous repairs may be directed at the incorrect area, resulting in costly and ineffective repairs.

Our experienced technicians follow a systematic approach with water testing to accurately investigate and test the potential leak sources, prior to having repairs implemented, saving our client’s time, and money; and delivering piece of mind.


IRSC’s Water Entry Investigations are conducted systematically and include the following features:

  • Systematic procedures to identify water entry source
  • Hi-tech vacuum & spray rig leak detection equipment
  • Thorough discovery reports prior to conducting repairs
  • Vendor-agnostic parts & labor for repairs & replacements
  • IRSC’s quality & safety performance guarantee