Storm Damage Assessments

Navigating the Aftermath: Storm Damage Assessments You Can Trust

No matter your geographical location, storm damage is inevitable

Storm damage to the roof membrane is generally accompanied by damage to other items on the building or roof area.

(Source: IIBEC)

  • Navigating the aftermath of natural disasters can be extremely stressful and time consuming for property managers and business owners. Include IRSC as part of your dedicated team to help you during this challenging period.
  • What may appear as minor damage to the naked eye could have more significant implications for other layers within your roof system and potentially lead to further issues such as water damage and structural damage.
  • Storm damage can disrupt business operations, leading to financial losses and downtime due to closures for repairs and renovations. IRSC has the knowledge and experience to get you up and running, minimizing downtime for your organization.

Hiring an Expert Matters

With over 250 years of combined experience, IRSC optimizes the restoration process by ensuring efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and design approaches that protect properties against future weather challenges.


• IRSC’s technicians perform a storm damage assessment on your roof/building envelope to properly document all damage to your commercial building.

Your report will include documentation of: rooftop equipment and penetrations, flashings and sheet metal, roof fields and surfaces, associated walls and masonry, designated test squares, and drainage incorporating photos and recommendations.


• Within the report, we note functioning/dysfunctioning systems and anomalies to make proper recommendations for repairs, further scope of work, or potential replacement.

• Appropriate budget projections also are provided within your report to assist you in the decision-making process with choosing the best recommendation option.


• If damage to your existing roof system or building envelope is significant, there may be a need for full or partial replacement.

• At IRSC, we possess the experience and understanding to work hand in hand with you and insurance companies providing third-party, unbiased and accurate findings, (including expert witness services as needed). It is our goal to swiftly restore your operations, minimizing downtime and ensuring continuity for your organization.


What truly sets IRSC apart is their expertise in navigating complex situations. They not only helped us through the intricacies of a significant hail claim but also worked closely with our insurance company. This collaboration ensured all damaged roofs were evaluated and repaired or replaced correctly. IRSC's dedication and expertise have been instrumental, providing us with peace of mind during challenging times. We recommend IRSC for their outstanding services and professionalism.