Building Envelope Consulting

Experts for all Six Sides of Your Building

What You Can’t See Can Hurt You

...the building envelope system is a pivotal element shaping the aesthetics, functionality, and sustainability of our built environment.

(Source: ZP)

  • IRSC takes a holistic approach and recognizes that each aspect of the envelope — from the foundation, exterior cladding, insulation, and roofing, to the windows and doors — affects the others.
  • Your building envelope plays a critical role concerning: heat, moisture, air quality, noise, and aesthetics.
  • If elevated moisture levels persist on or inside a wall or roof assembly, these can lead to the growth of microorganisms such as mold and bacteria, as well as infestation by insects. (Source: WDBG)

What We Do: Comprehensive Building Envelope Consulting

Hiring an Expert Matters

Know When Your Building Structure is Compromised


• IRSC’s team ensures nothing is left to chance. During our site visit, information on the existing building and site is gathered and recorded.

• Design solutions are then developed based on product and code review. Core cuts or destructive testing may need to take place to view and access pain points within your building.


• After conducting a thorough building analysis and evaluation, our professional recommendations include how to move forward with the conditions of your building envelope’s components, any anomalies, and functioning/dis-functioning systems.

• IRSC aids to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the recommendations with estimated costs.


• IRSC will provide a detailed report or repair scope outlining maintenance and repair recommendations or replacement recommendations along with budget projections.

• This report is designed to make it easy for you to understand the identified issues with your building's envelope. It also offers guidance on the necessary steps to effectively address these issues.


IRSC provided invaluable service to our condo re-skin project. From initial assessment of water intrusion issues and existing conditions to guiding the design and implementation of a new building envelope, IRSC was involved during every step of our project.