Project Management/Construction Administration

Professional Roof Consultants for your Commercial Building Envelope Needs

The Benefits of Hiring a Roof Consultant

The right roof consultant is a valuable partner in the proper design, construction, maintenance, repair, and replacement of roofs

(Source: GLE)

  • Assessing the state of your roof or building envelope is crucial in determining whether repairs or a complete replacement are required.
  • Our professional roof consultants provide detailed reports and insights into the current lifespan of your roof, including budget projections.
  • With a cumulative experience exceeding 250 years, the team at IRSC demonstrates a high proficiency in effective problem-solving when possible issues arise during a project. We do our job so you can do yours.

Hiring an Expert Matters

Quality Assurance For Your Roof repair or Replacement


• Not all roofs need replacement. IRSC offers an unbiased, expert assessment to help you make informed decisions about your building envelope or roof system.

• The experts at IRSC are here to ensure that your project runs smoothly. Every project involves various forms and documents that need careful analysis to meet compliance and regulatory requirements.


• IRSC assists in finding and hiring the best contractor fit for the job for your replacement project.

• Our team designs a project specification and assists with the project rollout between contractor and client. Quality Compliance Observation is performed throughout the project duration to ensure proper installation for your new roof system.


• Unforeseen challenges can occur during any project. With a collective experience of over 250 years, IRSC’s professional roof consultants are well versed in problem solving, sparing you inconvenience and stress.

• Once full construction is complete, IRSC’s project managers collect all warranty paperwork and assist with a final walk-through inspection.


IRSC provided invaluable service to our condo re-skin project. From initial assessment of water intrusion issues and existing conditions to guiding the design and implementation of a new building envelope, IRSC was involved during every step of our project. IRSC’s water entry investigation service was particularly valuable in identifying and addressing problematic areas at the property. IRSC's expertise and guidance was instrumental to our project’s success. I would highly recommend IRSC for their knowledge, attention to detail, and fantastic level of service.